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The "Suit" That Loves Pixels

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Designing beautiful digital experiences is my primary passion. I also have a love for business and have a deep expertise in dealing with technology and strategy initiatives at the corporate executive level. I strongly believe that good design is a vehicle that can influence tremendous change; especially in the enterprise world. I combine my love of design with a sharp business acumen to deliver holistic and user centered design solutions.

Studies show, and common sense dictates, that people adopt technology that is meaningful, valuable and enjoyable to them, and so I work very hard to craft experiences that deliver value, empower business and delight users!

Sidenote: I do love wearing a well tailored suit! ☺

See How I Aid My Clients

Engineering Value Through Crafted Creative

How I Aid My Clients

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My life's work is centered around being a trusted advisor, working to drive real, measurable value for each and every one of my clients - big and small

Value means different things to different people. To a CIO or CTO it may mean having an intranet portal that aids employees across the enterprise to do their jobs better; one that they love to engage with and use on a daily basis.

For a healthcare startup, it may mean creating an app that helps patients see insurance and medical statistics at the touch of a button. And for others yet, it may mean creating a beautiful digital experience that breathes their brand story and pulls customers into interacting with them.

I am drawn to stories like these, and work diligently to drive critical value for them.

See How I Contribute Value

An Executive’s Perspective Driven By A Craftsman’s Eye


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I am passionate about people

There's many creatives out there that can make beautiful designs, and then there are numerous more business folk that can tell you exactly how to run your business; I am neither of these.

I pride myself in being a digitally minded creative that minutely understands the intersection of design, business and technology, and how this impacts everyday people. I combine this expertise with my passion for people, to craft solutions that empower, delight and deliver measurable and profitable ROI

I aid my clients by marrying my business and creative acumen with three primary areas of expertise:
Technologies, Methodologies & Industries

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Working with clients one on one is a huge perk of my job as a designer! I love working with people and teams who are passionate about building amazing digital experiences.

Here is what a few of them have to say about working with me

  • "I was fortunate to have David as Creative Lead on a large-scale intranet portal design project that I was managing. What impressed me the most about David was his professionalism, his positive attitude, and his ability to not only understand real-world business scenarios, but to design creative, intuitive visual solutions to support them. I highly recommend David, and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again"
    Jerry Slowik, Client Partner SPR
    Jerry Slowik – Client Partner, SPR Consulting
  • "I had the fortune of managing David for 2 years in the design of numerous websites, Intranets and marketing programs. I could always count on him to deliver across a spectrum of complex scenarios. David is incredibly resourceful and always comes up with smart solutions tied to contemporary technologies. His knowledge, reliability and hard work made it easy to deal with the inevitable hurdles that come with most projects. Moreover, David is the most polished young professional I've ever worked with. He instills confidence, dependability and leadership among clients and team members and is incredibly perceptive in understanding business nuances. I can't say enough good things about David"
    Mike Davidson, Executive Creative Director
    Mike Davidson – Executive Creative Director, Lyons Consulting Group
  • I had the pleasure of working with David as the Creative Lead on many projects. David always strived to fully understand goals, challenges, and requirements to inform the solutions he designed. The success of his forward-thinking solution designs always reflected these efforts. David was an effective and confident communicator, and always open to feedback. He was always a reliable team member; I would welcome any opportunity to work with David in the future.
    Jacky Hackett – Senior Project Manager, Kirkland & Ellis LLP
  • David is bright, hard working, and determined. I had the pleasure of working with David on several consulting projects. Always with a positive attitude, David provided quality work and contributed to projects's successful delivery. When faced with critical deadlines, David stays focused on the main goal, collaborates with the team, and confirms his work has met the clients expectation. I would be delighted to work with David in the future.
    Maria Morales – Senior Consultant, Tahoe Partners
  • In addition to his creativity and keen design eye, David brings a consulting approach to his design work that makes it easy and rewarding to collaborate with him. On a recent project, he took our general concept and notes, and turned it into a standout design for an upcoming event. As a marketer, I like working with David because he really thinks through what we are trying to achieve with our messaging – and the finished product reflects that.
    Emily Deuser – Marketing Communications Specialist, Sertifi, Inc

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Whether it's a simple website, or a complex enterprise design project with multiple C-Level stakeholders, I can be your trusted advisor and partner to empower you to create the best digital products. As you've seen above, I bring a rich background and expertise to the table that will bring tremendous competitive advantage to your business.

The sales speech aside, the most important thing is that I truly care about my clients. I take on a few clients at a time so that I can give each partner the care and attention they deserve. Good business is about fostering & developing great relationships & I'm deeply invested in my client's successes; I succeed when they do.

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